Some Easy Ways To Incorporate Physical Activity In your Daily Busy Schedule

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Doing regular exercise, or keeping your body physically active is a great help for leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Big Problem Is …..Not Having Enough Time To exercise.

But, does it have to be that way, or there are ways to incorporate exercise even if you are a busy person? Well, there are certain ways you can incorporate exercise effortlessly into your daily life without spoiling your schedule.

There’s a good reason to make exercise as a part of your life as it will not  just make you physically fit but also lead to feeling better and light, looking good as you can lose weight doing regular workout, and of-course very important- Reduce the Stress.

So, challenge yourself to try out my below suggestions .

morning exWake-up a bit Early: Choosing an exercise in the morning  can be a struggle, but extremely beneficial. Starting a day with a workout can help you stay on track with nutrition. Try to wake-up 15 minutes early from your regular time for first one week and try to utilize that time for some stretching exercises. The next week wake-up 30 minutes early and you can do some stretching and walking or jogging. If you are successful for the first week, then it is easy to incorporate in your daily routine.

lunch exExercise During Lunch Hour At Office: If you get an hour for lunch, then give the first 30 minutes for your physical activity. Find some place like a park or a beautiful surrounding near your work place, so that you can utilize the 30 minutes over there just walking around which will even reduce your stress in between your work time. The next 30 minutes of-course can spend for chatting, gossiping and having food with colleagues.

evening exEvening Time Workout: This time suits many people who are lazy to wake-up early. An evening walk or gym for 45 minutes to one hour can be done after your work timing. Its a good time even to relax and to reduce the whole day work stress.


But Remember Not To Do Any Exercise On A Full Stomach!

The other ways you can still make yourself active are,

climbing stairs

  • Take stairs instead of lift wherever you go.


play with kids

  • During weekends or evening times, take your kids to the nearby park or ground and have fun with some games like football, shuttle, badminton, running, playing etc.,


car wash

  • If you are working at home or during your weekend off, do an active home routine like gardening, car washing etc., Its fun to involve your kids too. While doing these you are exercising even if many people don’t consider it as an exercise.


walking with baby

  • For women with babies, can take a walk in a neighborhood park with their baby in a stroller or can consider walking with the family which gives a great bonding.
  • People who sit for a long time at work place can consider to get up and walk around for few minutes in between their work.

Fitting fitness into a busy schedule is hard and exercise is the first thing to get scratched from the calendar. But with a little forethought and planning, its doable.

Stay Active For A Healthy Lifestyle. 

Published by Care Through Nutrition

Hai I am a diet consultant interested in giving people the awareness about healthy eating habits and also keen to tell the public not to forget the traditional food habits which are healthy when compared to now.

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