Eat Best Live The Rest

Helping people to gain control over their health. 

The primary focus of CARE THROUGH NUTRITION is to help my clients develop an overall healthy lifestyle by providing them a personalized diet plan. Through this they can gain total control over their health.

CARE THROUGH NUTRITION offers you both online and in person diet counselling.

Lifestyle Management

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Easy ways for healthy Lifestyle changes

  • Spend 30 minutes time for physical activity like exercise or walking everyday
  • Have each meal on a regular timings everyday.
  • Include some fruits or vegetables in each of your meal.
  • Hydrate yourself often with water, coconut water, butter milk.
  • Avoid refined foods, processed and preserved foods.
  • Opt for whole grains.
  • Avoid hydrogenated oil/vegetable oil.
  • Avoid direct white sugar and table salt.

Are you in need of help in organizing your lifestyle and managing your health? Then leave your comments below to get an appointment for diet consultation.


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