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Many of us in today’s busy lifestyle dine out. Making a healthy food choice while dining out is very important to your health and weight management. Fortunately, we have restaurants now which offers healthy food choices. Most of them give more options for portion size, preparation methods and food items.

Some healthy choices you can make in a restaurant are,

  • The first thing you could do is to order for a colorful salad before you could eat anything. Having the salads first will bit fill your stomach and will make you to eat less of other high calorie foods. So your caloric intake could be reduced.
  • Opt for the food which is boiled, steamed, vegetables instead of fried ones.
  • When you go for non-vegetarian foods, choose boiled, grilled, tandoori foods instead of deep fried ones.
  • Avoid red meat instead go for fish and chicken.
  • Choose a main course that is not made of refined foods like maida. Instead go for whole grain/ unrefined foods.
  • Keep an eye on your portion size as it is very important for your weight management.
  • Opt for fruits or fruit salads instead of going for high calorie sweets.
  • Go for fruit juices without sugar in the place of carbonated beverages.
  • If its for a dinner out then try to finish as early as possible,like before 8.

So with a little planning you can make a healthier choice for eating out without missing your weekend get-togethers and parties.



Published by Care Through Nutrition

Hai I am a diet consultant interested in giving people the awareness about healthy eating habits and also keen to tell the public not to forget the traditional food habits which are healthy when compared to now.

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